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      Aufsteckstromwandler 100/5A         geeichte Stromwandler    teilbare Messwandler    Messwandler 200/5A    Stromwandler 150/5A
 curren transformer K-series    curren transformer special    split-core current transformer -mini    current transformer TM-series    current transformer TR-series

Kabelumbauwandler, teilbarer Stromwandler 2000/5A


transducer 200A AC/4-20mA DC

  dreiphasenstromwandler   Hall-Effekt-Wandler    Mittelspannungs-Stromwandler
 split core current transformer    current transformer - transducer    3-phase current transformer    DC-current transformer(hall-effect)    current transformer TE-series (MS)
 Hutschienen-Stromwandler    Rohrstabstromwandler        Spannungswandler    Nebenwiderstand 60mV, 150mV 300Mv
 current transformer type TD15    current transformer type TN22        voltage transformer    shunts
 Universalmessinstrument    multifunktionsanzeige    Multifunktionsanzeiger 72x72    Universalmessgerät für Hutschienenmontage    Hutschienenmontage-universalmessgerät
 multifunction meter K-M850    multifunction meter 2RAN96C    multifunction meter 2RAN72C    multifunction meter 1RANM6C    multifunction meter 1RAEM4C
 Multifunktionsanzeiger, Drehstrom    Wechselstrom-Multifunktionsanzeiger            Preisliste
 multifunction meter 1RANM23    multifunction meter 1RANM2            price list P02-A
 digitale Strommesser 4-20mA DC    digitale Schalttafelmessgeräte    digitale strom- und spannungsmesser        
 digital instruments - type K-RD48    digital instruments - series 2RD    digital instruments - DIN-rail        
 analoge Strom-/Spannungsmesser AC/DC, 48x48,72x72,96x96, 144x144    Kontaktmessinstrumente - analoge Grenzwertanzeiger    Schmalprofil-Messgeräte - Prozeßgrößen    Betriebsstundenzähler    
 analogue instruments    contact instruments    profile instruments    hour meters    
 Differenzstromrelais Typ A oder B    Strom- und Spannungsüberwachungsrelais    Phasenüberwachungsrelais    Messumformer 4-20mA - 20mA-10V    Installationstransformatoren
 earth leakage relay    protection relay A -V    phase control relay    transducer    safety transformer
blank plates, 48x48,72x72,96x96, 144x144   Adapters 96x96 to 72x72, 72x72 to 48x48   clap IP54, plexiglass   IP65 protection    
 accessories: blank plates    accessories: adapters    accessories: front protection    accessories: IP65 front protection    


Stromwandler 4R21.3    Stromwandler 6A315.3    Stromwandler 6A412.3    Stromwandler 7A412.3    Stromwandler 7A512.3
primary current: 50-500A      cable: 21mm                              rail: ----                                    width: 44mm   primary current: 75-750A              cable: 28mm                            rail: 30x15, 20x20                        width: 60mm   primary current: 150-800A            cable: 33mm                                rail: 40x12,2x30x10                  width: just 60mm   primary current: 80-1000A        cable: 33mm        rail:40x12,2x30x10                  width: 70mm   primary current: 150-1000A      cable: 42mm                              rail: 50x12,2x40x10                    width: just 70mm
current transformer 4R21.3    current transformer 6A315.3   current transformer 6A412.3   current transformer 7A412.3    current transformer 7A512.3
 Aufsteckstromwandler 200/5A    Durchsteckwandler 250/5A    Messwandler 200/5A    Aufsteckstromwandler 1000/5A    Stromwandler 2000/5A
primary current: 150-1500A        cable: 42mm            rail: 50x12,2x40x10                    width: 85mm   primary current: 200-1600A        cable: 52mm                          rail: 60x15,40x40                      width: just 85mm   primary current: 200-2500A    cable: 53mm                             rail:  63x15, 40x40                        width: 95mm   primary current: 200-2000A      cable: 61mm                              rail: 60x40,50x50                    width: 96mm   primary current: 400-2500A            cable: 61mm            rail: 80x15,2x60x10                       width: 105mm
current transformer 8A512.3   current transformer 8A615.3   current transformer 9A615.3   current transformer 9A640.3   current transformer 10A815.3
 Messwandler 2500/5A    Aufsteckstromwandler 4000/5A    Stromwandler 4000/5A    Durchsteckwandler 2000/5A    Stromwandler Niederspannung, Aufsteckstromwandler
primary current: 400-2500A        cable: 70mm                              rail: 2x80x10,60x60                    width: 105mm   primary current: 400-4000A        cable: 85mm                          rail:2x100x10,80x64                    width: 129mm   primary current:  400-4000A        cable:2x50mm                          rail:3x100x12mm                          width: 129mm   primary current:  400-4000A    cable: 96mm                      rail:2x120x10,80x80                width: 159mm   primary current: 400-6000A            cable: 85mm                      rail:4x120x10                                  width: 159mm
current transformer 10A830.3   current transformer 13A1030.3   current transformer 13A1056.3   current transformer 16A1234.3   current transformer 16A1272.3
 Wickelstromwandler 1 bis 40A          

In addition to our extensive product range of current transformers for industrial applications in the accuracy classes 0.5 and 1, we also supply conformity-assessed current transformers (calibrated current transformers) in the classes 0.2S - 0.2 - 0.5S and 0.5. For these current transformers, the normal type designation is preceded by an "E".

primary current: 1 bis 40A          winding current transformer        width: 60mm          
 current transformer 6W0.3              Katalog "geeichte" Stromwandler     only in german language !!


earth leakage relay 

MRCD-10B TYPE B: Monitoring relay for AC / DC and pulsating DC currents

3 DIN modules | LCD display 128x128 pixels | single-phase or three-phase network | Frequencies 0 .... 1000Hz | 8 settings 0.03 / 0.1 / 0.3 / 0.5 / 1/3/5 and 10A | RMS measurement | time delay: 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.5 and 10s possible at 7 settings, whereby the setting 0.03A responds immediately when it is reached.

2 relay outputs 230V - 10A AC1, freely programmable e.g. as a pre-alarm, special toroidal core current transformer TORB with a diameter of 35 to 210mm for type B relays



min. and max. relays for current, voltage and frequency

The functions of 9 different instruments are combined in a single instrument:

Monitoring relay for undervoltage | Monitoring relay for overvoltage | Monitoring relay for undercurrent | Monitoring relay for overcurrent | Monitoring relay for underfrequency | Monitoring relay for overfrequency | Display TRMS voltmeter up to 500V | Display TRMS ammeter directly up to 10 A, or via current transformer… / 5A | Frequency meter display up to 99.9 Hz

Even if the instrument only has one output relay, the voltage, current and frequency values are independent of one another and can be used in combination with one another if necessary. If it is not important to electrically differentiate which of the limit values has triggered, you can program each limit value independently of the other values as a minimum or maximum limit value. By using the limit values 'in combination', you can activate the relay output together, depending on which limit value is exceeded or undershot first.





     Stromwandler 100/5A    Stromwandler 200/5A    Stromwandler  40x10    Stromwandler 50x10, 1200A
primary current: 50-150A          cable: 15mm                              rail: ----                                  width: 35,5mm   primary current: 30-250A              cable: 21mm                                rail: ---                                        width: 52mm   primary current: 100-400A            cable: 23mm                      rail: 30x10, 25x15                        width: 52mm   primary current: 100-800A cable: 30mm                            rail     40x10,30x20                width: 70mm   primary current: 150-1200A  cable: ---                                        rail: 50x10                                    width: 70mm
current transformer TD15    current transformer TM1   current transformer TM3   current transformer TM4    current transformer TM5
 Stromwandler 63x20 2000A    Wickelstromwandler 1A bis 40A    Rohrstabwandler 21mm - 250A    Stromwandler 30x10 500A    
primary current: 300-2000A cable: 22mm                              rail: 63x20,50x20                  width: 101mm   primary current: 1 bis 40A          cable: ----                                    rail: ----                                    width: 58mm   primary current: 40-250A              cable: 21mm                                rail:  -----                              width: 58mm   primary current: 50-500A cable: 21mm                            rail: 30x10              width: 58mm   primary current: 100-500A              cable: 25mm                              rail: 30x10                                  width: 75mm
current transformer TM6   winding current transformers   current transformer TR1   current transformer TR3   current transformer TR43
 Aufsteckstromwandler 1000/5A Kl.0,5    Messwandler 1000/5A, Schiene 50x20    Messwandler 2500A- Schiene 60x20    Stromwandler 800/5A, Kl.0,5 - Schienen 80x20    
primary current: 150-1000A      cable: 32mm                      rail: 40x10                    width : 75mm   primary current: 200-2000A          cable: 30mm                            rail: 50x20                                    width: 85mm   primary current: 400-2500A      cable: 50mm                            rail: 60x20                                  width:  105mm   primary current: 400-3000A    cable: 2x30mm                      rail: 80x30mm                        width: 125mm   primary current: 500-5000A  cable: 2x50mm                                        rail: 125x50                          witdh: 180mm
current transformer TR4   current transformer TR5   current transformer TR6   current transformer TR8   current transformer TR12
primary current: 400-2500A      cable: 2x35mm                        rail: 30x80                                width: 109mm   primary current: 800-4000A          cable: 3x35mm                            rail: 30x125                                width: 109mm            
current transformer TR8V   current transformer TR12V            





pulse counter

Electromechanical pulse counters  for general quantity counting, time, cost and performance recording. The meters are available in different housing shapes and mounting types.




  • for alternating or direct voltage (AC or DC)
  • 6 or 7 digits
  • without reset button
  • in different sizes and mounting types




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