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hour meter

The hour meters are instruments for measuring time which are particulary suitable for determing the functioning time of electrical machines, elevators, boilers, electrical stoves etc. Determing the intervention time for changing the oil, replacing ball bearings etc. on machinery that is in constant use. Determing the functioning time of new machinery with the purpose of establishing when the guarantee expires, such as current rectifiers, valves, lamps etc. Determing the sum of the periods during fatigue tests, the duration of electrochemical processes etc.

- In the AC version the instrument is driven by a synchronous motor. The display is composed by 5 entires and 2 decimals (4 mm height)
- In the DC version the movement of the motor is adjusted by a quartz crystal with great stability and a frequency such that, at every 22 degrees of oscillation,
  an impulse is released when amplified, activates electromagnetic converter. The display is composed by 6 entires and 1 decimal (4 mm height)
- At the end of the counter, the counting begin again automatically from zero. It is not possible to reset the device. The necessary voltage is 1,2....1,6V.
- The precision is obtained by means of a variable condenser with a tolerance of +/-0,2 sec/day at room temperature.
- Operating temperature: between -10°C and +55°C.
- Mounting position is indifferent and the housing is in black plastic material.
- The reading class is 1/100 h (36 sec)





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