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datasheets - K-serial: low voltage current-transformers

Stromwandler 4R21.3    Stromwandler 6A315.3    Stromwandler 6A412.3    Stromwandler 7A412.3    Stromwandler 7A512.3
primary current: 50-500A      cable: 21mm                              rail: ----                                    width: 44mm   primary current: 75-750A              cable: 28mm                            rail: 30x15, 20x20                        width: 60mm   primary current: 150-800A            cable: 33mm                                rail: 40x12,2x30x10                  width: just 60mm   primary current: 80-1000A        cable: 33mm        rail:40x12,2x30x10                  width: 70mm   primary current: 150-1000A      cable: 42mm                              rail: 50x12,2x40x10                    width: just 70mm
current transformer 4R21.3    current transformer 6A315.3   current transformer 6A412.3   current transformer 7A412.3    current transformer 7A512.3
 Aufsteckstromwandler 200/5A    Durchsteckwandler 250/5A    Messwandler 200/5A    Aufsteckstromwandler 1000/5A    Stromwandler 2000/5A
primary current: 150-1500A        cable: 42mm            rail: 50x12,2x40x10                    width: 85mm   primary current: 200-1600A        cable: 52mm                          rail: 60x15,40x40                      width: just 85mm   primary current: 200-2500A    cable: 53mm                             rail:  63x15, 40x40                        width: 95mm   primary current: 200-2000A      cable: 61mm                              rail: 60x40,50x50                    width: 96mm   primary current: 400-2500A            cable: 61mm            rail: 80x15,2x60x10                       width: 105mm
current transformer 8A512.3   current transformer 8A615.3   current transformer 9A615.3   current transformer 9A640.3   current transformer 10A815.3
 Messwandler 2500/5A    Aufsteckstromwandler 4000/5A    Stromwandler 4000/5A    Durchsteckwandler 2000/5A    Stromwandler Niederspannung, Aufsteckstromwandler
primary current: 400-2500A        cable: 70mm                              rail: 2x80x10,60x60                    width: 105mm   primary current: 400-4000A        cable: 85mm                          rail:2x100x10,80x64                    width: 129mm   primary current:  400-4000A        cable:2x50mm                          rail:3x100x12mm                          width: 129mm   primary current:  400-4000A    cable: 96mm                      rail:2x120x10,80x80                width: 159mm   primary current: 400-6000A            cable: 85mm                      rail:4x120x10                                  width: 159mm
current transformer 10A830.3   current transformer 13A1030.3   current transformer 13A1056.3   current transformer 16A1234.3   current transformer 16A1272.3
 Wickelstromwandler 1 bis 40A          

In addition to our extensive product range of current transformers for industrial applications in the accuracy classes 0.5 and 1, we also supply conformity-assessed current transformers (calibrated current transformers) in the classes 0.2S - 0.2 - 0.5S and 0.5. For these current transformers, the normal type designation is preceded by an "E".

primary current: 1 bis 40A          winding current transformer        width: 60mm          
 current transformer 6W0.3              Katalog "geeichte" Stromwandler     only in german language !!



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